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Your research topic: the key to keeping motivated

In this post, Dr Sandy Astill (as of April 2017!) shares her shock at the self-directed nature of PhD study , the critical importance of being interested in your research topic, and some tips about the value of being stubborn, brave and bold - describing how she emailed all her favorite high-profile academic authors and received wonderful encouragement.   The decision… Continue reading Your research topic: the key to keeping motivated

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Procrastination, Perfection and a Plan..

This post is from Judith Newton, who has had an extensive career in emergency services, working for almost seventeen years in the areas of policy, community education and research for the former Department of Community Safety and Queensland Fire and Rescue Service. In 2013, she commenced her Master of Arts (Research) in Creative Industries to examine… Continue reading Procrastination, Perfection and a Plan..

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Sixteen hints on how to do a creative writing thesis…

This post is by Jen Anderson, who recently completed  her MFA (Research) at QUT, combining practice-led creative work  with traditional research. Jen is a Registered Nurse, but long before that, has been a writer and used writing as an outlet and salve.  The creative comprises stories from her days as a student nurse – interweaving both those of her… Continue reading Sixteen hints on how to do a creative writing thesis…

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There are no silly questions….

This post is  by Penny Holliday, who completed her doctorate in January 2017 and teaches in the School of Communication.  During her candidature she served on the Creative Industries Faculty Academic Board as Creative Industries Postgraduate Representative and the Creative Industries Sessional Staff Representative. She was instrumental in organising and co-facilitating two workshops  on ways to improve sessional workplace conditions and… Continue reading There are no silly questions….