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Applying ‘critical thinking’ to your research – a tip-sheet

Today, I would like you to think critically (best defined as thinking on purpose) about your research - your method, your processes, your theoretical approach, your research questions, your results/outputs, communication strategies and the impact.  When we explain our research, we often talk about the 5 W's - Who, Where, When, Why, What (and How). Thinking through these questions, in the… Continue reading Applying ‘critical thinking’ to your research – a tip-sheet

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There are no silly questions….

This post is  by Penny Holliday, who completed her doctorate in January 2017 and teaches in the School of Communication.  During her candidature she served on the Creative Industries Faculty Academic Board as Creative Industries Postgraduate Representative and the Creative Industries Sessional Staff Representative. She was instrumental in organising and co-facilitating two workshops  on ways to improve sessional workplace conditions and… Continue reading There are no silly questions….