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Procrastination, Perfection and a Plan..

This post is from Judith Newton, who has had an extensive career in emergency services, working for almost seventeen years in the areas of policy, community education and research for the former Department of Community Safety and Queensland Fire and Rescue Service. In 2013, she commenced her Master of Arts (Research) in Creative Industries to examine… Continue reading Procrastination, Perfection and a Plan..

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Surviving ‘Confirmation of Candidature’ – with kids

This post is by Tricia King, who successfully articulated from a Masters to a PhD at QUT in February 2017.  Mine is a tale of what not to do. Or what to do. I'm not absolutely sure to be honest, there's a healthy smattering of both. So you decide. So it's seven weeks prior to… Continue reading Surviving ‘Confirmation of Candidature’ – with kids

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Searching for the thesis light, during a solar eclipse…

A few months ago, a student emailed me this quote, that her supervisor sent her when she was having a really tough time in the last few months of her PhD^. It really resonated. Sometimes, especially towards the end of your thesis, the going gets really, really, tough. It is then, when you feel like… Continue reading Searching for the thesis light, during a solar eclipse…

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Reach – from crisis to opportunity and maintaining momentum

This post is by Rhodian, starting his DCI this year.  A master goldsmith and seasoned Computer Aided Jewellery Designer (CAD), he recently shifted focus from commercial to academic, completing a Graduate Certificate in Creative Industries at CQU in 2016 and is now pursuing the Doctor of Creative Industries at QUT. But like his gemstones, Rhodian has many… Continue reading Reach – from crisis to opportunity and maintaining momentum


Whatever your politics, poetry can help

Hello all - it is the 2017 US Presidential inauguration ceremony today, and whatever your politics, there is no doubt that 'change is afoot'. In this post, I hope to remind us how important it is to find and maintain our research passion. As researchers in the creative industries, we KNOW that our work is important and that our… Continue reading Whatever your politics, poetry can help


2017: Finding your “WORD” of the year

Many people are replacing New Years resolutions with what is termed a 'word' of the year, sometimes also described as ' goals with soul'. This can also be viewed as a "theme" for your life, and can involve deep thinking about (and re-scoping) both your priorities and overall life narrative*. As a HDR student, it… Continue reading 2017: Finding your “WORD” of the year