critical thought, Research Plan

Applying ‘critical thinking’ to your research – a tip-sheet

Today, I would like you to think critically (best defined as thinking on purpose) about your research – your method, your processes, your theoretical approach, your research questions, your results/outputs, communication strategies and the impact. 

When we explain our research, we often talk about the 5 W’s – Who, Where, When, Why, What (and How). Thinking through these questions, in the context of our reserach, is critical thought. It is what we are trained to do, as researchers – apply critical, independent and logical thought to a problem.


So, my challenge to you is to sit down – focussing on  your research – and work through this wonderful “Critical Thinking Skills Cheatsheet” from the Global Digital Citizen Foundation.

I promise, doing this will help give some clarity – and a fresh perspective – to your research. 


Your friend and HDR mentor,


(a big shout out & thank your to Professor Marcus Foth, QUT Design Lab Director, who shared this resource on his Facebook page – super helpful, Marcus).


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