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Thanks to the internet and social media (blogs, facebook, twitter etc),  it is easier than ever to explore and engage in conversations about your specific research topic. Sometimes, however, you can get a little lost in all this noise and wonder: what should I prioritize in following?

Today’s post identifies the top five blogs I think you should follow as a research student – obviously, I would love to know of any other specific blogs/pages/sites that you have found particularly helpful, and you should also ask your supervisor for their recommendations.   It is really important to “find and engage with YOUR research community” -this networking (whether it is in person or online) is an important factor of academic success (but thats a topic for another post!).

So – my top five recommended blogs / social media sites for research students:

  1. The thesis whisperer –

Every research student needs to follow this site. The end. Non-negotiable.

Inger Mewburn has created a wonderful resource that really ‘demystifies’ the thesis process. You can also buy a book of the posts online. In 2016, The thesis whisperer had 1.3 million views from 780,000 unique visitors (along with a  weekly mail out to around 30,000). There is a reason for this popularity: its a great resource for research students – check it out and follow NOW.

2. The research whisperer –

Tseen Khoo and Jonathan O’Donnell are the Research Whisperers: and their blog is like the insiders guide to academic research, teaching you all the lingo and critical things you need to know – like impact factor, how to navigate grants-speak, and successfully tackle your first major research project and build a good professional profile?.

The Research Whisperer is dedicated to the topic ofdoing research in academia: a must follow. 

3. Patter – by Pat Thompson –

This wonderfully engaging blog about the skill of academic writing.

Just by following this (and ideally by reading and engaging with some of Pat’s books) your will feel your confidence and ability to successfully engage with academic writing grow. Its like magic. Do it.

4. The Supervisor Whisperers

Disclosure: I co-edit this blog, along with Inger Mewburn (the thesis whisperer). Launched in 2017, the audience for this blog is academic research supervisors: that is, we talk about and to the processes and practices of being a good supervisor. That said, I think there will be some tips and information  that might help you – and you could always forward a specific post to your supervisor to start a conversation..

5. QUT – DMRC, Design Lab, Creative Lab

Most of you are QUT Creative Industries students, so it is critical you actively engage with and follow the three research entities in our faculty: DMRC, Design Lab, Creative Lab. Get involved and engaged with the wonderful and exciting local research activities.  

So, what do you think?

Have I missed out an important and inspiring person/organization? Would you add another blog? Please add your suggestions in the comments below!

P.S. I would add one additional suggestion – it is really important you actively engage with your professional association, so you need to follow them as well and ideally get engaged with them as an HDR student representative…  a great way to network, met people and- (ideally) get to know those who might be able to help get you a job when you graduate.

Until next time,

Your friend and HDR mentor,


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