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Libraries have changed….

This post is written by Kate Harbison, one of the CI Liaison Librarian team. Born a baby boomer she has a millennial brain and juggles 3-4 part time jobs and the rest of life – and has fantastic holidays! She has a particular interest in local history and Brisbane in general and is loving liaising with the School of Design where there are so many fun projects. She is about to embark on five months leave, so if you need help, talk to one of the other LLs – Ellen ThompsonCameron Rutter and Alice Steiner).


Because libraries have changed

You may have not been in a library for years when you start your Higher Degree, so it is important to know that they have changed a bit…

We don’t say shoosh – well only in a few places. Most of the library is a collaborative area though there are quiet floors near the top of the building. There are also Researcher Centres on the top floor of GP and KG libraries where you are more likely to get a desk (and quiet!). Your swipe card should let you in!


Most of our stuff is not on paper – yes we do still have lots of books, but there are many more ebooks, and we get almost all our journals through databases, so they are available electronically to you wherever you are. There is also streaming video, theses and lots of other resources online. You may not ever have to come to the library!

Five good references is not enough – it might have been when you were doing your undergraduate degree, but a research degree needs a comprehensive literature review. This means you might need some extra skills in finding all that stuff. There are a few ways you can get help with this…

AIRS – you are probably already enrolled in AIRS. You can do it online or attend classes, or a mix of the two. Here you will learn about how to find the best information, how to manage and store your research, and how to go about publishing and funding it!

Research Skills Training – there are workshops provided by all sorts of people at QUT and there are lots of learning aids online too – you may have already encountered

People – there are all sorts of people in the library who can help you, who will meet with you and show you how to do things and advise you about everything from finding theses to publishing your data!   In particular, your Liaison Librarian is there to help you and can advise you over the phone or by email if you have a simpler query or just cannot get to campus. And bizarrely enough, they love searching for things!



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