Blog Aim: To make the CI-HDR journey easier…


Welcome to the inaugural post of the Creative Researchers blog!

This site is designed to be a place for QUT creative industries research students to connect and learn as we share reflections, our successes and failures, and the exciting (but sometimes challenging) rollercoaster journey that is life as a higher degree research (HDR) student. Whether you are a PhD, Doctorate of Creative Industries or Masters student, my hope is that this site becomes a helpful resource for you.

First, a little about me and the rationale for this site. I am Associate Professor Evonne Miller, the Director of Research Training for Creative Industries at QUT. That means that (working with the HDR research team and the HDR Coordinators within each school),  I oversee the progress of all CI research students. I set this blog up for three key reasons.

First, I wanted a freely-accessible place (not “fire-walled” behind passwords) that explained some research jargon, terminology and processes, in an attempt to ‘de-mystify’ the process and activities of a HDR student. Second, I wanted to raise awareness of the innovative and exciting research conducted by CI-HDR students, creating a permanent online record (and searchable database) of these wonderfully diverse research projects and achievements (I need your help to do that, so please consider writing a blog post about your activities or learnings as an HDR student).

Third, and perhaps most importantly, I wanted to build a sense of community among our HDR cohort, so that you know that you are not alone in this research journey. Whether you are struggling to write your research questions, decide on and justify a particular method (or understand the difference between method and methodology), recruit participants, analyse data, work productively with your supervisors or write your thesis, someone will have experienced this and will have some ‘words of wisdom’ that might help. Hopefully, the image above reflects this sentiment: that we need to learn from and share our HDR experiences, so that the journey is easier for the next student.

Now, over to you.

This space is designed to assist you in your research journey, so what burning questions do you want future blog posts to address?

I am thinking that we need posts explaining HDR milestones, jargon and acronyms (CoC, FS etc), writing for publication and general thesis writing tips, how to manage your candidature, interactions with supervisors, and some tips on data collection/methodologies and career planning/management. But, what ideas do you have? Would you be willing to write a post, with some advice for newly commencing students? I am hoping that some recently graduated students will write about their research, their achievements and reflections about what they wish they did differently during their research degree – so if you are interested in writing a post or have an idea, please contact me directly and/or comment below.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Your friend and HDR mentor,


Note: Most of the photos on this site are copyright free and sourced from Morguefile.


3 thoughts on “Blog Aim: To make the CI-HDR journey easier…”

  1. Hi there,
    My contribution may not be particularly profound, however I thought I’d share how I located the “follow” link for this blog (hiding as a pop-up on the bottom RHS of the screen, but only appearing as I scrolled to the top).
    Looking forward to keeping up with CI-HDR posts.


  2. Thanks Liz – helpful! I am not familiar with using this site, but in my (editors) view FOLLOW is bottom left on home page..


  3. Thanks, Evonne. I’m only just starting with my DCI and am sure that I’ll have many questions along the way. Thank you for setting up this resource, I will most definitely be making use of it.

    I’ll write a few lines about my research proposal and then you can decide if it is something that you would like to publish or not. I will email it to you later this week.


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